For a perfect financial transparency, we implemented an accurate electronic invoicing system that reflects all services performed. This allows us to issue, on a monthly basis, a precise detail of all the services rendered for a case.

Our primary concern is to take into accounts the needs of our clients who, depending of the nature of the case, may wish the most adapted invoicing system.

We would also consider, for certain cases and matters and in respect of the deontological rules, a success fee mechanism.

Time spent

Each lawyer in our firm charges according to an hourly rate, based on his expertise and experience. This invoicing system enables our firm to charge our clients, according to the time spent by the lawyer, in complete transparency of the services really performed. Consequently, we carry out and invoice only the diligences necessary for the best management of the matters at stake.

Fixed fee

We can also establish in advance a flat fee taking into account the difficulty of the case, the economical issue and the complexity of the tasks and services to be performed as well as the intervening lawyers’ education, experience and specialization. The fixed fee is in principle definitive and final except in particular circumstances implying an unforeseeable supplementary work.

Fee agreement

We enter into a written fee agreement upon request. This document will describe the hourly rates and the anticipated number of hours needed to handle the case at stake.