Our clients

The banking sector has been historically one of the first activities of the law firm CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIÉS. If the scope of the law firm has been diversified since then, its activities in banking and financial matters have been broadened thanks to the trust granted by the largest banking and financial institutions.

We assist banks, financial institutions, investment companies, UCITS, private equity firms, financing funds, small and medium sized companies.

Examples of our services

  • Advice, judicial pre-litigation and litigation, arbitration
  • Expertise in the field of leasing arrangements (aeronautical, maritime, industrial) and real estate leasing
  • Advice on financing (industrial and real estate projects)
  • Conception and implementation of preventing tools (delegation of authorities, money-laundering)
  • Organization of offensive (ex. recovery of pledges, guaranty) or defensive strategies in the liquidation/bankruptcy proceedings
  • Risks analysis and implementation of strategies in case of liability related to financial credits and investments
  • Legal audits
  • Drafting of contracts (loans, first demand guarantee, escrow, asset and liability guarantees, etc...)
  • Structured and specialized financing operations (loan agreements, senior, junior, mezzanine, subordinated loans) and documents of securities (mortgage)