Our clients

The activity of the law firm CARBONNIER, LAMAZE, RASLE & ASSOCIÉS in the field of intellectual property and media is widely recognized. This sector, representing one of the founding areas of the law firm, is expanding year after year both in traditional and emerging sectors.

We assist French and foreign companies, and mainly television channels, press groups, edition companies, broadcasting companies, audiovisual and cinema production, distribution and export companies.

Examples of our services

  • Drafting and negotiation of transfer agreements, licenses, sub-licenses of intellectual property rights
  • Litigation in intellectual property law before the civil and criminal jurisdictions
  • Litigation in press law (press infringement and privacy) before the civil and criminal jurisdiction
  • Drafting and negotiation of national and international production and co-production agreements and audiovisual distribution agreements
  • Implementation of financing of audiovisual production
  • Rereading of manuscripts before publication
  • Contractual arrangements on advertising operations
  • Negotiation of framework agreements with the journalists’ unions (secondary uses of online contributions)
  • Validation and implementation of settlement strategies, pre-litigation and litigation, in intellectual property law and in media law
Trophées du droit Paris - Trophée d'argent - Médias et droit d'auteur - 2014