Our clients

The area covered by this department is deeply marked by the influence of the Community law (thus its double location in Paris and Brussels) and by the interpenetration of Law and Economics. It covers mainly competition law, concentration control, distribution law and consumption law, but also affects other fields such as commercial town planning law, certain aspects of labour law, marketing and advertising.

We assist our clients, French or foreign companies, in their national and international development, the elaboration of their commercial strategy or the expansion of their distribution networks. We also assist them regarding concentration control, risks’ analysis and prevention from the competition law point of view. We assist them in litigation matters, both before the national courts and the national and European authorities concerned as well as in the framework of arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Examples of our services

  • Assistance in concentration control
  • Assistance in the scope of competition investigation
  • Assistance in competition litigation before the regulation authorities and both the national and European courts
  • Internal and international arbitration regarding distribution
  • Litigation regarding sudden breach of established commercial relationships and abusive breach
  • Organization and reorganization of distribution networks (strategic conception and expansion)
  • Audits of distribution networks
  • E-commerce (advice in drafting general terms and conditions of sale)
  • Assistance regarding restrictive commercial practices, collusion, abuse of dominant position, misleading advertising, competition audits
  • Unfair competition, elaboration of strategies and process of prevention, litigation
  • Pre-contractual information, general terms and conditions of sale, distribution agreements
  • International agreements
  • Commercial cooperation agreements, subcontracting agreements
  • Outsourcing of sales forces, merchandising
  • Contractual negotiation techniques (trainings within companies)