Our clients

We have a mission to assist German-speaking clients (companies or individuals) in the development of their business in France or in the defence of their interests in the context of judicial or administrative proceedings in France.

The German Desk can put in contact German-speaking clients with any department of CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIÉS or with each lawyer of CARLARA INTERNATIONAL in order to provide them with the best advice in business law. The clients of the German Desk may be German, Austrian and Swiss groups for their activities or those of their subsidiaries in France as well as French companies doing business in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

All lawyers of the German Desk are bilingual or trilingual and provide indifferently legal advice or litigation services. With training in both French and German law, they undertook internships in German law firms in Hamburg or Munich. In addition, thanks to their knowledge of German culture and of the specific requirements of German law, they may also act as an interface between French clients and their German, Austrian or Swiss lawyers with which close links are tied in order to have our French clients benefit from high-quality advice and services in most German-speaking cities.

Examples of our services

  • Generally, any service relating to commercial law and in particular:

  • Assistance to French clients with criminal proceedings for public defamation in German-speaking Switzerland
  • Opposition to the registration of trademarks in France for German clients
  • Assistance for the creation in France of subsidiaries of German groups or for merger-acquisition operations in France by German clients
  • Advice to German clients regarding employment law (individual cases and the instauration of plans of safeguard)
  • Assistance to German clients regarding distribution law in the context of the reorganization of a selective network in France and Germany
  • Assistance to German clients regarding the law of collective procedures
  • Advice to German clients in the area of commercial leases
  • Assistance to German clients in the context of litigation before judicial jurisdictions in France (notably trademark or patent infringements and all commercial litigation)