The Parisian Business Law firm CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIÉS has conceived an original business model as an alternative to business law firm under Anglo-Saxon brand names. Therefore it has created the Société de Participation Financière de Professions Libérales (SPFPL) known under the brand name CARLARA INTERNATIONAL regrouping the business law firms located in France as well as in foreign countries, in order to have real instruments of development. The professionals have the same values and to have their knowledge relating to the corporate world, their understanding of their clients ‘activity and the alliance of their qualifications at the highest level, bringing an optimal solution to the companies’ needs in matter of counsel, legal engineering, mediation, negotiation, assistance before the organisms of regulation, arbitration and litigations before the jurisdictions.

The different structures composing CARLARA INTERNATIONAL have been integrated capitalistically into the SPFPL. The group works as an integrated firm benefiting of the flexibility and plasticity of its different structures ready to ally and to mobilize the resources necessary to respond to any requests from legal departments.

The goal of CARLARA INTERNATIONAL is definitely international, keeping reinforcing our presence in FRANCE.

CARLARA INTERNATIONAL is actually present in France (Paris, Lyon, Lille), in Belgium (Brussels) and in Algeria (Alger). Other projects of implementation are nowadays examined. CARLARA INTERNATIONAL is in development.

CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIÉS is otherwise member of an international alliance of law firms which has firms implemented in different countries of the world.

Such network takes place naturally in a transnational environment regarding cultural and linguistic aspects. Many CARLARA INTERNATIONAL lawyers are registered at various Bars (i.e. New York, London, Brussels).

This environment benefits to the monitoring of the transnational projects and to the mobilization of the resources case by case.