Media – Culture

Our expertise

CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIÉS has internationally recognised expertise in the field of intellectual property and media. This sector is one of the firm’s key areas of practice and has grown year on year in both traditional and emerging sectors.

We operate alongside French and foreign companies including television channels, press groups, publishing companies, broadcasting companies, production, distribution and audiovisual and cinematographic export companies.

Our services
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for the assignment, licensing and sub-licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Litigation in intellectual property law before civil and criminal courts
  • Litigation in press law (press offences and privacy), before the civil and criminal courts
  • Drafting and negotiating national and international production, co-production and audiovisual distribution agreements
  • Setting up of financing for audiovisual production
  • Proofreading of manuscripts prior to publication Contractual structuring of advertising campaigns
  • Negotiation of master agreements with journalists’ unions (secondary uses of online contributions)
  • Validation and/or implementation of settlement, pre-litigation and litigation strategies in literary and artistic property law and media law
  • Audit of philanthropic, patronage and sponsorship operations