Public Law

Our expertise

The atypical profile of the partner in charge of this sector (former director of a local authority, former director of central administration, former counselor at the French Presidency) has made the public law team a natural interlocutor for the State and local authorities. We support public actors both in their complex investment projects but also in their daily legal problems in advice and litigation.

This vast experience of public action in all its forms is also put to the service of private operators who are in contact with the public sector as well in advice as in litigation (energy, motorway concessionaires, trade chambers…).

We also advise foreign administrations and governments on governance issues and the supervision of their investments.

In addition, this team has always developed recognized expertise in electoral law and campaign financing which makes it able to secure the action of local elected officials during electoral periods.

Our services
  • Public services (award of concessions, DSP and governance)
  • Public procurement (consultation, assistance with tenders, organization of procurement procedures)
  • Public domain (valuation, transfer, pre-emption, expropriation)
  • Town planning (revision of plans, litigation of authorizations)
  • Civil service (governance consultancy, litigation)
  • Public finance (assistance before financial jurisdictions, regional chambers and Court of Auditors, financing of local authorities)
  • Public property (enhancement, protection of intangible property)
  • Highways (project support, litigation)
  • Energy (electricity, renewable energies)
  • Electoral law (support, litigation)
  • Constitutional law (QPC)
  • Parliamentary law (advice, drafting of legislative proposals and amendments)
  • Training (purchasing services, legal and commercial services for private operators, communication services for communities, foreign administrations, university, bar school)
  • International public investment law (governance, litigation)