Restructuring & Distressed M&A

Our expertise

Our firm has a very experienced team in the field of insolvency proceedings, in an amicable (ad hoc mandate, conciliation) and judicial (safeguard, reorganization or liquidation) and more generally in the treatment of the financial duress situation, providing effective and recognized assistance to companies in difficulty, their managers and shareholders and industrial or financial investors.

Our expertise covers the analysis and treatment of all aspects and corporate issues that are necessary for the implementation of the restructuring of the company, whether in an amicable or judicial context.

Our clientele for this activity is both French and foreign, made up of companies of all sizes, industrial or service companies, start-ups, investment funds and managers.

Taking into account the mechanisms specific to each company and its management is an essential prerequisite. This is why, before any intervention, we endeavor to analyze for our clients what the strategic, economic and financial issues are.

Our ability to analyze the causes of the company’s difficulties allows us to anticipate as early as possible the treatment of these difficulties within the framework of a strategic collaboration with the leaders and the financial experts. It thus makes it possible to offer optimal solutions that can be achieved using the most sophisticated and innovative legal techniques.

Our services
  • Sale or acquisition of securities or assets of targets facing financial difficulties
  • Establishment of partnership in the context of asset takeover and / or securities of companies in difficulty
  • Analysis of companies’s difficulties, advice on restructuring levers and optimization of the choices of preventive and collective procedures.
  • Management of relations with the main partners and creditors of the company in difficulty
  • Renegotiation of debts with credit organizations and suppliers
  • Preparation and negotiation of restructuring plans (ad hoc mandate, conciliation protocols, safeguard, recovery and disposal plans)
  • Takeover offers in the disposal plan or in the continuation plan
  • Sale of branches of activity
  • Defense of managers and shareholders
  • Audit of the company in difficulty, analysis of the takeover opportunity
  • Litigation relating to bankruptcy proceedings
Dedicated team