Family Affairs

Our expertise

Family and personal law is a particularly sensitive area which requires personalised support at all times.

We support French and foreign clients in complex situations requiring a combination of technical and soft skills.

From consulting to litigation, we guide clients in order to achieve the objective determined with them in advance.

Because every situation is different, client expectations must be clearly identified and remain the central focus.

Availability and responsiveness are our key concerns, ensuring clients’ cases are addressed swiftly.

Our services
  • French and international divorces (disputes and amicable settlements)
  • Urgent family law procedures including protection orders
  • Handling of the criminal aspects of family law and in particular domestic violence
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property regimes (implementation of a strategy at the interim measures stage)
  • Assistance with procedures with the guardianship judge (guardianships, administration, family authorisations, etc.)
  • Inheritance law (handling of conflicts, division of estates, etc.)
  • Support in the approval procedures in France for decisions taken in family law abroad (adoption, marriage, etc.)
Dedicated team