Our expertise

French and international standards have established a set of processes to ensure that the company, its managers and employees comply with the legal and ethical provisions applicable to them, in order to protect them from financial, legal, judicial and reputational risks.

The firm’s multidisciplinary team supports companies in implementing and monitoring these risk prevention, governance and ethics standards in application of the provisions resulting from legislation relating to anti-corruption (Sapin II Law), competition law, the GDPR, the duty of vigilance and the fight against money laundering:

– Risk audit (criminal as well as ethical), corporate governance audit: CARLARA examines the company’s activities and operations to draw up a risk map and propose measures to prevent their occurrence.

– Implementation of internal compliance procedures tailored to the structure and culture of the company concerned: internal controls, codes of conduct, ethical charters, alert and reporting procedures, delegations of powers, etc.

– Training of managers and employees:
Our primary objective when working on compliance is to secure the activities of the company concerned and to promote a common and unifying approach within the company.

– Survey support:
We also assist companies and their managers with compliance investigations carried out by the regulatory authorities, both on French territory before the French Anti-Corruption Association and abroad (in particular preparation for hearings), as well as, where applicable, legal and administrative disputes resulting therefrom.

– Support during the negotiation phase with the Public Prosecutor and/or Investigating Judge (CJIP) and assistance in criminal investigations

Our multidisciplinary partners

The provision of compliance services requires extensive interaction with non-legal experts.
For example, CARLARA has developed close and trusting relationships with service providers such as auditors, consultants, investigators and certified public accountants so that they can contribute their references, skills and expertise.
CARLARA selects its partners according to each client in order to tailor its service offering according to the real needs and scale of the challenges facing its clients.

Our services

For companies and/or company directors

  • Group assistance in implementing anti-corruption measures (Sapin II)
  • GDPR diagnosis and compliance.
  • Defence of the manager and legal entity: building sector (corruption, money laundering, transport);
  • Defending the manager and legal entity against charges of safety violations, involuntary manslaughter/assault;
  • Implementation of plea bargaining procedures for a Group and its executives prosecuted for misuse of corporate assets, corruption, fraud, etc. in connection with the National and Financial Prosecutor’s Office;;
  • Defending several oil pipeline companies for environmental damage;
  • Defending a former football club executive in a case involving the misuse of corporate assets and extortion;/li>
  • Defending a company and its manager in a bankruptcy case (film industry);
  • Defending a former Director General of Health in an asbestos manslaughter case;
  • Delivering lectures on the Sapin II law and its challenges (With the director of AFA – Campus 4 July 2017, training sessions with company directors in conjunction with our certified accounting partners
  • Assisting cigarette manufacturers with the European authorities and Member States to authorise the sale of their products;
  • Defending an American multinational before the European authorities to lift a ban on the sale of products;
  • Assisting a cosmetics laboratory for the sale of its products in France;
  • Assisting a French manufacturer in placing a chemical product on the market (REACH regulation);
  • Assisting various groups (industry and service) in anticompetitive agreements cases;


For local authorities/associations /strong>

  • Defending a mayor against accusations of favouritism and corruption;
  • Defending a regional president against accusations of corruption and taking illegal advantages;
  • For public figures: Assistance with investigations of fraud, breach of trust and illegal campaign financing.