Corporate M&A / Governance

Our expertise


We work alongside French and foreign clients of all sizes (SMEs, industrial and service groups) and international companies in their acquisition, restructuring, equity financing, business combination and joint venture operations, both in a purely French context and in the context of international transactions.


We work alongside French and foreign banks in their structured or specialised financing transactions (for debt amounts generally between €5 million and €60 million). We advise them in preparing financing documents (loan agreements, senior, junior, mezzanine, subordination agreement, etc.) and collateral documents (e.g. pledges of financial securities accounts, pledges of company shares, pledges of business assets). We also assist them during closing operations.

Our services
  • Acquisitions, disposals, equity investments, asset and liability guarantees
  • Business combinations, cross-border transactions
  • Merger, absorption, partial contribution, restructuring Private equity, LBO, MBO, OBO
  • Corporate governance, shareholder agreements Legal due diligence, risk audit
  • Issue of shares, IPO Directors and officers liability
  • Takeover of distressed companies
  • Structured finance, specialised loans, senior debt, mezzanine Guarantee structures
  • Pledges of securities accounts, pledges of shares
  • Pledge of business assets and pledge of trademarks
  • Subordination agreement Guarantee or indemnity delegation agreements
  • Debt restructuring International construction contract
  • Multi-country outsourcing contract Implementation of a multi-country savings plan

    A few examples of recent assignments :


    • Advice to the management team in the context of an LMBO
    • Advising an industrial group in connection with an external growth transaction
    • Advising banks in restructuring a group’s debt
    • Advising banks in connection with asset acquisition financing
    • Advising on an international tender for the construction of educational centres in West Africa
    • Advising a foreign conglomerate on a joint venture in East Africa
    • Advising an investment fund in connection with the takeover of industrial assets