International operations

Our expertise


We work alongside French and foreign clients of all sizes (SMEs, industrial and service groups) and international companies in their acquisition, restructuring, equity financing, business combination and joint venture operations, both in a purely French context and in the context of international transactions.


We work alongside French and foreign banks in their structured or specialised financing transactions (for debt amounts generally between €5 million and €60 million). We advise them in preparing financing documents (loan agreements, senior, junior, mezzanine, subordination agreement, etc.) and collateral documents (pledges of financial securities accounts, pledges of company shares, pledges of business assets, etc.). We also assist them during closing operations.

Our services
  • Advice, pre-litigation and legal disputes, arbitration
  • Risk assessment and alternative dispute resolution for banking institutions
  • Advising and representing banking institutions before the courts in connection with disputed banking transactions (loans for real and movable property, debt collection, consumer credit, bills of exchange, APR, etc.) and implementing appropriate enforcement measures (protective measures, attachment of properties, etc.)
  • Assistance to clients, particularly financial institutions, at all stages of criminal proceedings (from preliminary investigations to the trial courts)
  • Expertise in equipment leasing (aeronautics, maritime, industrial) and property leasing (hotels)
  • Assistance for subsidiaries of banking institutions in matters concerning property and equipment leasing before the courts, following contract terminations, with taking of guarantees against debtors and joint and several sureties
  • Advice on asset financing (industrial projects, real estate)
  • Design and implementation of prevention tools (delegation of powers, money laundering)
  • Organisation of offensive (recovery of pledges, guarantees) or defensive (improper financial support, unfair breach of contract) strategies in judicial liquidation proceedings
  • Risk analysis and implementation of a strategy in the event of litigation or liability actions related to loans or financial investments and related financial guarantees
  • Legal audits such as an audit of the portfolio of debt collection files for a banking institution in order to decide on the legal action to be taken.
  • Drafting of contracts (loans, first demand guarantees, escrow agreements, asset and liability guarantees, etc.)