Edouard de LAMAZE


Edouard de Lamaze, Chairman of CARLARA INTERNATIONAL, is co-founder and managing partner of CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE. An influential business lawyer, he has presided over the firm’s steady and sustained growth while at the same time participating in professional organisations and public life.

At CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE, he is the driving force behind the development of the Banking Division, historically one of the first activities deployed by the firm, as well as the Economic and Commercial Division. Over the years and at the head of his team, he has considerably expanded the firm’s financial activity thanks to the sustained trust of its clients. He also presides over the firm’s international development.

He has extensive professional experience in:
- Business law, consulting and litigation (ordinary and commercial courts)
- Economic and Financial Law (Financial and Banking)
- Property Law
- CIC and AFA arbitration (arbitrator with the French National Medical Association)

He was also appointed to the Council of Ministers in 1997 and until 2002 was a member of two governments as Interministerial Delegate for the Liberal Professions. This responsibility led him, in particular, to lay the groundwork for sociétés de participations financières de professions libérales (SPFPL - limited liability companies holding shares in companies for the liberal professions), the economic importance of which for the liberal professions is becoming increasing clear.

As a member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels from 2010 to 2015, he acquired a great deal of expertise in EU decision-making methods and the functioning of the European Institutions.

Having served as the government's commissioner for the reform of voluntary sales law, he was appointed in 2018 by the Justice Minister for a mission concerning the Art Market.